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Online job applications



Applying for a job  online can be quite a complicated process. You are often asked to upload documents such as a C.V. (resume) and a covering letter. (more…)


Back to the future

Wednesbury Boys High School

I was transported back in time this week, to my school-days  I went to an informal school reunion in the local pub. That bit at the end of the school in the picture was the school hall and it had a balcony at the back. That was torn down when they turned it into a netball court as part of Comprehensive vandalism by the local council. (more…)

What shall I cook for Sunday lunch?

Forge Mill Lake

Today’s picture is of Forge Mill Lake in Sandwell Valley. I hoped to go out and take a few photographs this weekend, but the weather today doesn’t look too promising. My neighbours firework displays weren’t worth photographing last night either. I think I might go shopping…


The end of British summer time

Woden Road S

Yes, it’s the end of British summer time this weekend. We move our clocks back one hour and get up an hour later! Officially, the clocks are changed at 2am on Sunday morning. Unofficially, mine will be changed when I get around to it. It was cold getting up at eight o’clock this morning, it will be worse tomorrow.


Thrifty Thursday | Kids and students

MERRIONS 2012 013

I showed a picture of this woodland to a student and she said she would like to explore it, younger children are even more adventurous in woodland. Just be sure not to lose them! I have lost my way in that woodland before now. The kids want to enjoy their summer holiday and it can be difficult to find things for them to do on rainy days and so that was the subject of my blog today on a zillion ideas.


Sunday Ramble | Education, what education?

Walsall school

This week proposed educational reform suggested by education secretary Michael Gove has been in the news. David Cameron knew nothing of these plans of course, not until Nick Clegg reminded him that he did. It seems Michael Gove and his public school educated supporters don’t like the GCSE and want a return to a GCE style examinations. It was of course the Conservatives who introduced comprehensive education and they have been moaning about it ever since. That arch-tory, Margaret Thatcher actually scrapped grammar schools in favour of comprehensives. Michael Gove went to a state school and then won a scholarship to an independent school; in case you were wondering… (more…)

Psychology | Responsibility


When I took this photograph of a shelter in the park, I noticed a child in the shelter. Do I have any responsibility towards a child that I don’t even know? I was once told that I only had responsibility for myself and that I couldn’t help everyone. I can’t help everyone but I think I still have a responsibility to others. What if that child was in danger? Was my presence helping to protect her from some dangers, would she have been more vulnerable if the park had been empty and lonely. What if she had hurt herself? Would I have a duty to help her and perhaps call for assistance? (more…)

Sunday lunch ramble

Wednesbury-Ridgeacre-park 053

No speed humps

The road in the picture fascinates me, no speed humps or traffic calming and only one set of traffic lights because of a narrow bridge. There is no graffiti and the residents have a nice view over  the golf course. They live in nice houses too! Not far away, residents live in pokey apartments and I understand some of them were threatened this week with knuckle dusters and knives; charming… (more…)

Education | Time for change?

Sunday around Walsall 084

How many ducks?

How many ducks are there in  the picture? The answer is, if you look carefully is none; maybe. They are in fact swans and geese; but how about the one out to the left? Is that a duck? Life can be confusing and things aren’t always clear. But do we have to make them more confusing and be deliberately unclear? I was helping someone with maths questions yesterday and became increasing frustrated with some questions. It wasn’t that the maths was hard it was that the questions were unclear. I often had the same problem at school and after 3 hours in a stuffy exam room; I would begin to lose the will to live… (more…)

Coping in a Commune


Imagine this; you have been banished to a commune deep in the English Countryside. There are 99 other members but you are a member of the Commune Council. You have power! You help decide Commune policy on energy, water, economics, employment, food, transport, education; in fact everything. You can’t leave for a few years but we do trade with the outside world. (more…)

The Dreamless Ones

It's not that time really - we are now on dreamless time...

The Dreamless Ones

One morning I shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got in my pyjamas I’ll never know: Groucho Marx. 🙂

Which do you think is the predator and which the prey, the man or the elephant with its great strength and huge brain. (more…)

A Sunday rant!

To appreciate art you need imagination; even more to become involved.

A Sunday rant!

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein.

I think we are only limited by our imaginations. My Neodigital Art appears to be appreciated by more people both online and offline. I can of course share it easily and it’s easy to do and so very socially inclusive. The people who rabbit on about social inclusion tend to be the people who think they are all so; exclusive. They deserve a super-obscene salary and a 35 hours week with maternity pay and an overseas vacation several times a year. They deserve that new luxury car and used isn’t quite good enough. (more…)