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How personal accounts can save you money

Money - Seeing the future

Businesses keep track of their finances by keeping accounts; either on paper or on a computer. You can do the same to keep track of your personal finances and see exactly where all the money goes. You need to do a balance sheet that lists all your assets and liabilities and a income and expenditure account to see what money is coming in and going out. Then you can work on saving money and getting better value.


Thrifty Thursday 1


Digital Photography

Digital photography can be quite thrifty and a great hobby for the kids. It’s worth buying them their own digital camera. The local park is a great place to begin taking pictures. Incidentally, my previous Thrifty blogs have their own page and  there are still lots of thrifty ideas there. I am using a blog with a permalink this week so I can write it in advance. (more…)