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Summer in the garden

I admit I’m not very good in the garden, but it is getting better. I have brambles everywhere, the lawn was overgrown and I have ant hills! I’ve attacked the lawn with a strimmer and hover mower and it looks much better. I’m having another go today. My garden looks great in photos though and I discovered yet more flowers that I don’t know the name of today. I’ll take photos!



How to write a novel | Emotions

Junction 10 M6 Motorway

If you read last week’s post then you will know that my protagonist, Nick has met Lily and they are forming a love-hate relationship. They decided to stop at Nick’s home in Birmingham on the way to see Lily’s university friend, Vicky. People are interested in people, what they do and how they feel. Writing a novel is about people’s emotions. This one is meant to be humorous, but doesn’t need to be a laugh a minute. The drive along the motorway would give a lot of opportunities for humorous dialogue.