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Euromillions: Birmingham 12 million not claimed

In the UK, people buying a Euromillions ticket also get a number for the Euromillions Millionaire raffle. One ticket sold in the Ladywood area of Birmingham has won 12 million pounds and hasn’t been claimed.


This weeks words and pictures

artistic in grey scale

It’s not very warm this morning in the heart of England. I suppose this is good news for the energy companies who will fleece us again this winter. Maybe, the new governor of the Bank of England can bring some pressure to bear on the water companies and energy companies to keep bills down this winter.



How to manage a million pounds

Tonight, as part of the Euro-millions lottery there will be a draw for the UK Millionaire Raffle. In theory, 100 millionaires could be created assuming all the winners claim their prizes. A million pounds, it sounds such a lot of money…


Thrifty Thursday bargains and Christmas ideas


The Super-Six at Aldi this week are lemons (5), plums (500g), peppers (3), sweet potatoes (750g), conference pears (6) and red onions (750g). They are all 69p. I wasn’t tempted by those, I had a stew pack for 1.39 to make some chicken stew. (more…)

How to make your first million 3

Money - Seeing the future

I was about to start writing this and I checked what I wrote last time.  I wrote ‘You never achieve something unless you set out to achieve it, you don’t become a millionaire by accident, even lottery winners have to buy a ticket!’ Then I remembered the £100 million jackpot on the Euromillions and bought a ticket! (more…)