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Thrifty Thursday | shop smart

vintage Car

If you read my blogs earlier in the week, you’ll know I went to a historic vehicle show on Sunday and took photos. I converted the photo above to monochrome; just to see what it looked like! We don’t usually go anywhere that costs money to get in, but we did get in at a cheaper cost than advertised, because of the weather. It pays to ask… How much?



Finance Friday | Frugal living

Money - Seeing the future

I edited a guest blog earlier by Fairy Dharawat about how we buy things habitually and how that tendency can be used to merchandise more successfully.  How can we resist the attempts by the larger retailers to persuade us to buy more, when we are trying to buy less and save? We can be aware that we do get into habits and buy the same things every week. Some retailers change their stores around a lot and we complain because we can’t find anything or because our shopping takes longer. We have to actually think instead of buying by force of habit. I went shopping the other day and I have got into the habit of buying a soft drink when I enter the store, but it wasn’t there. They had replaced it with cider and so I didn’t buy any. The changes can be more subtle and clever though and we do end up spending more money. (more…)

Finance Friday | Eurozone Crisis

UK Money

The problems in the Eurozone rumbles on and it appears to affect the UK economy. The left wingers in Europe want to borrow money and print money and go on a spending spree and the right wingers want austerity. The former appears to be folly and the latter means fewer police officers and nurses and more unemployment. Mere mortals like me tend to invest and cut down on spending on trivial things. The government could invest in some things and keep building companies afloat. When I was a child there was a baby boom after the war and the government had massive debts. They built council houses, cheap houses for people to live in; no buy to let then. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Rising prices


The reason for todays picture is I’m thinking about transport. When the government in the UK does quantitative easing (printing money) commodity prices like oil go up. Oil is used for transport and gas is used for heating and making electricity; so all our basic costs go up. Prices on the stock markets have been taking a battering in the past few weeks and the Eurozone crisis has deepened; we just have to be thrifty and frugal and try to weather the storm. (more…)

Economics | The Robin Hood Tax

Money - Seeing the future

Eurozone crisis

You have probably heard of the Eurozone crisis now and have perhaps heard of the so called Robin Hood Tax (Financial transactions Tax) that many European leaders think is the answer. Someone said I explain complex problems simply; I’ll have a go! Is this the answer to the world’s economic problems? (more…)

Thrifty Britain


I like egg ‘n’ chips and so being thrifty and frugal isn’t a problem for me, but some people are struggling in the current economic climate. (more…)

Investments | Premier Foods PLC (PFD.L)

Money - Seeing the future

Investing in the stock market now is risky, share prices are bouncing around. The agreement reached on Thursday to stabilise the Eurozone crisis sent shares in Barclay’s up 17.58%; quite a jump. I didn’t benefit from that unfortunately! I was watching Premier Foods and wanted to buy at 4p. (more…)