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The Review: Does art need to reach out?

I’ve started with one of my more artistic pictures today. I’m thinking of visiting an art gallery this weekend. I often talk to young people and they’re quite interested in photography and art, but never visit a gallery or get to handle a decent camera. Perhaps the galleries aren’t reaching out to young people? (more…)


How to write a memoire


A guest post by Fairy Dharawat

Mémoire writing always fascinates me. Reading your memoire is like a time capsule – a peek in to your past at a particular time. It is interesting to write about a part of your life which gives you a glimpse of how you have grown. There are many sites that talk about how you can write a memoire and here I give a brief on memoire writing and what it means to write the story of a small part of your life. Let’s talk of memoire writing and how fun and important it can be.