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Farmville for beginners | Update 2

Farmville Winery

I’ve used a picture from my winery today to show crafts. I also have a bakery and of course a pub on the English countryside farm! You can see in this picture that I am making 3 lots of wine and the blackberry wine is on level 43. It is a good idea to get one craft item on a high level; I have red wine on level 110. (more…)


Farmville for Beginners | Update 1

Farmville Castle


You can see in the picture that I have a dairy near those belted cows and that is the main trick for making millions of coins. You can’t buy belted cows until you have reached level 75 but you can still do the trick with ordinary cows or the brown cows or whatever you can get. (more…)

Farmville for beginners…. No 1

Farmville Millions level 300

Someone mentioned Farmville to me last year and I thought I would have a go at playing. Now I’m past level 300 and have a castle! Most of the stuff in the picture is either only available on the higher levels or a limited edition that has finished like the castle towers. You can get off the bottom of the levels and level up quite fast by understanding the game, then using a few tricks and strategies. (more…)