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The Great British potato shortage

Money - Seeing the future

There is always an excuse for higher food prices and now it’s a shortage of potatoes. Earlier in the year farmer’s organisations said there would be a shortage because of the ‘drought’. They did their rain dances and rain came and kept on coming. After a summer of persistent and record breaking rainfall, they complain crops have  potato blight.


Potatoes – frugal super-food

Money - Seeing the future

Potatoes are an important food and a staple food in many people’s diets. In the 1840’s crops around Europe were affected by potato blight leading to around a million people dying from starvation in Ireland and a similar number trying to escape the problems of poverty and hunger by emigrating. Potatoes contain starches, sugars, fibre and vitamins. They are low fat and contain vitamin C, Vitamin B6, potassium and manganese.


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Fish and chips

A leaflet dropped through my letterbox yesterday for a fish and chips shop. This is our national dish in Britain and the price was over five pounds! Ouch! My eggs, chips and peas cost about 60p! That’s a big difference, especially for a family with children. There is 20% VAT on fish and chips and they aren’t gluten free like my meal. Even the local bakery has recognised that many people now follow gluten free diets; shame the local supermarket doesn’t! (more…)