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Frugal Friday | Saving Real Money

UK Pounds

Gold or Paper?

Which would you rather have the gold sovereign or the paper money shown in the picture? The paper money is going down in value by over 5% a year and the gold sovereign is going up in value. The gold sovereign is carried by the SAS (Special Air Service) because it’s like an international currency and generally recognised as being valuable throughout the world. In one country this week citizens were offered a chance to win $1,000 of gold for handing in dog poo! In other countries people have been buying gold bars from vending machines. (more…)


Creating a phenomena

This photograph was altered using Fotosketcher to good effect.

I wrote about Neodigital art yesterday and did an update on my original blog. I spent a few hours taking photographs for that on Sunday and interest came from people who want to become involved and also people who naturally just want to just look at the pictures. This could be the beginnings of phenomena; you never know. I may even start a group for people who are interested on Facebook. (more…)