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Thrifty Thursday: Bargains this week


The Aldi super-six this week are braeburn apples, oranges,  blueberries, salad potatoes (1kg), mild onions (4) and baby plum tomatoes (250g). Those are all 69p each and the offers last until the 12th of February. (more…)


Thrifty Thursday | Little luxuries

prawn and crab salad

Prawn Salad

You might remember my gourmet food blog that featured an Icelandic prawn salad. I was looking forward to making another one on Sunday and went foraging for another little tub of prawns in Lidl. The price went up! They were £1.19, up from just 65p a couple of weeks ago. I still had them but made two meals this time with them. I used half the tub on Sunday with half a tin of white crab meat and a little iceberg lettuce, tomato, Branston and chips. The white crab meat was from Poundland. Yummy… (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Shopping around



We have to try to get our 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and I find Lidl and Aldi are the cheapest. The apples in the picture actually came off one of my trees, even cheaper! If you have children put the fruit in a nice bowl to tempt them! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 6

Chicken, chips and veggies

Colourful food

I’ve used my photograph of colourful chicken and chips again to remind you to buy colourful food when shopping this week. Broccoli and carrots are loaded with vitamins and you should also look out for colourful fruits too. At Asda (UK equivalent of Wal-Mart) this week the bananas and apples seem a bargain, choose the Smart price ones. I compared fresh vegetables with frozen and the frozen looked cheaper until I checked the fresh smart price ones and they were cheaper still. The potatoes were all different prices but the Smart Price British potatoes at just over 38p a kilogram were the cheapest. Check prices by the kilogram as a guide. According to their website Asda has around 30 different types of potato and over 200 products related to potatoes! I have to admit those chips in the photograph were oven chips and done with Asda’s own crinkle cut oven chips. (more…)