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This week in blogs

Perry Barr 021

I started the week by taking some interesting photographs, despite the cloudy skies again. I took this one in Perry Hall Park in Perry Barr. I would like to go back when the light is better. Not on a day when there is a major football match though, we hit a lot of traffic both on the way there and on the way back.



Neodigital Art | Problems

Perry Barr 031

Unfortunately, I’ve had computer problems for a while that have been affecting my blogs. I like Google Chrome because it’s fast for doing research, but it was the cause of the problems. It kept zooming in, switching magnifier on and off and other things. The font on this blog looked about right, but was set at large, the font on my other blog looked the same, but was set on medium! I have now looked at them using Internet Explorer and this one looks a little big and the one on a zillion ideas too small! I have to choose. I have done a Neodigital Art blog with more pictures on a Zillion Ideas today, why not pop over and check that out? Google Chrome has been reinstalled and packed up all together now!

Sad smile

Frugal | Internet Freebies



I took the above the photograph and then converted it to look like a sketch with Fotosketcher. You can click the above link to go to the Fotosketcher website or click here and download it from also have a lot of other programs that are freeware to download. You can also get Smoothdraw a powerful picture editing and drawing program that works with a graphic tablet from (more…)

Frugal Friday | Free Stuff

Pleck Park 009

Parks, museums and art galleries

Parks, museums and art galleries in the UK are usually free and there is a lot of public open space too. I took this photograph in a park this week and if you have a digital camera it’s a good place to find interesting landscapes. In museums you can find all kinds of treasures, in my local museum and art gallery I found lots of local history exhibits. Where I live there are also nature trails and farms that are open to the public. (more…)

A Monday ramble…

Great Bridge 001


I’m tired of rain and dull days, but now winter is fast approaching I have to think of some different camera settings to get decent photographs. This photograph is of the local lake or pool and the colours will begin to change now as leaves fall from the trees and we get more red and yellows in photographs. I’m not looking forward to winter but last years photographs of the snow were quite good. (more…)