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Psychology | Skills and Habits

Bannister road 030

As children we acquire a lot of skills that become habitual, we can do them without thinking very much about it. We learn to crawl, walk and feed ourselves and later we learn lots of basic skills like reading, writing and numeracy. It seems the graffiti artist who painted on this bridge learned a little reading, writing and arithmetic. He seems to have a fascination for the spots on a domino. It’s a shame he wasn’t taught a respect for property and the environment. (more…)

Sunday lunch ramble

Wednesbury-Ridgeacre-park 053

No speed humps

The road in the picture fascinates me, no speed humps or traffic calming and only one set of traffic lights because of a narrow bridge. There is no graffiti and the residents have a nice view over  the golf course. They live in nice houses too! Not far away, residents live in pokey apartments and I understand some of them were threatened this week with knuckle dusters and knives; charming… (more…)