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Summer Sunday ramble

Willingsworth Park, Tipton

The sun’s shining! It cheers you up a bit when the sun shines; depressing thoughts melt away. I am writing this on Sunday morning before I start cooking lunch. It’s strange the thoughts that run through your mind on a sunny day. I just remembered that guy who kept drinking brake fluid. He wasn’t addicted; he said he could stop at any time… (more…)


How to write a novel | Narration


Using a photograph to inspire you with an idea of where you story is taking place can be helpful. I used a woodland picture last week and this week I’m using another photograph from Moorcroft Wood. Your narrator would describe the woodland as your protagonist walked through. The narrator is your story teller and is usually like a newsreader; no slang or dialect. The narrator as I was reminded this week can be omnipotent, all knowing and all seeing. He not only sees the woodland, but knows what your protagonist is thinking and feeling. (more…)