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Offers and special buys #thrifty

The Aldi super-six this week are parsnips (600g), leeks (500g), snack pack grapes (170g), mangetout (150g), carrots (1.2kg) and white potatoes (2.5kg). They are all 49p each. Those offers finish on the 8th of April.  (more…)


Thrifty Thursday UK | This weeks bargains

The Aldi super-six today are plums (400g), peaches (4/5), large vine tomatoes (450g), sweet corn (2), salad potatoes (1Kg) and runner beans (250g). They are all 69p. The salad potatoes are nice if you cook a few whole and in their skins. Boil them until they are just cooked, don’t over-cook them.  Serve with lots of delicious runner beans with a peach and a plum for dessert…


Thrifty | 5 a Day keeps the doctor away…


The department of health recommends that we eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. A portion is about 80 grams.Those grapes were 500 grams and more than enough for one day; but we need a variety. Food keeps going up in price and so it can be difficult to get your 5 a day unless you shop around. Imported fruit can be expensive. I had nectarines from Asda at Christmas but had to buy 8 for £4.00 or they were really expensive. I bought grapes for £1.99 at Lidl last week but this week did much better at Aldi. They were £1.25 but marked up as 30% off so I paid just 87p for enough fruit for an entire day! (more…)

Frugal Friday | Winemaking 1


Commercially wine tends to be made out of grapes because they contain more sugar, but many wines are made from apples, pear and other fruits. Winemaking was very popular a few years ago and most people made it from kits. There is no need for a kit and you can make it from fruit or  fruit juice from the supermarket. Forget those dusty old wine making books that tell you to use citric acid and raisins! You can do much better than that these days and make a wine that is comparable with the stuff you buy; but a lot cheaper! (more…)