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Don’t time fly when you’re having fun?


Happy birthday to me…

Yes, it’s my birthday yet again. My mate Richard; in Sydney, Australia posted a picture of a teddy bear and a birthday cake on Facebook earlier (my birthday started early in Oz). That took me back to when I was a kid, playing  doctors and nurses with teddy and the girl down the road; she was the doctor. I’ll never forget what she did to teddy with that three feet of plastic tubing; no wonder his eye fell out.  (more…)


I live in Wednesbury

View of Wednesbury


Why am I writing about where I live? Because this week my blogs have been featured on the YamYam, a local news website that aggregates local news and views from websites like the Express and Star newspaper. I’m a baby boomer, my mom had 8 children. I grew up in an era of listening to the radio and the sound of drop forge hammers pounding away. I live about half way between Wednesbury and Darlaston and I can remember hearing the drop forge hammers of Golchers, Garringtons and  the one at the bottom of St Pauls Road when I was in High School. (more…)