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Looking for thrifty bargains

UK Money

The Aldi Super-six this week are pineapples, conference pears (6), Kiwis (8), granny smiths (6), oranges (6) and plums (500 grams) all at 69p each.  There are special buys today and on Sunday too. I think I’ll look at the appliance bulbs, the one in my fridge needs replacing. Other bargains this week include those at Matalan, they have some half price offers. I went on Sunday, there was a long queue at the checkout and the car park was packed.



Frugal Friday | Halloween

eggs and chips 005

I think I’ll have egg and chips for dinner tonight. It’s very frugal and means I can have something a little more gourmet on Sunday! It’s Halloween in 10 days and so we have to prepare; especially if you have kids. Food is an important part of any celebration and there are warming foods associated with Halloween. You can also make them a bit spooky! I once put dry ice into a punch on Halloween and it formed a nice mist on the surface! (more…)