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Another interesting week



If you read my blog last Sunday, you’ll know I had a hospital appointment. It’s only three miles  to the Manor hospital. Over the humps, past a few mini roundabouts, then negotiate a wide main road that they have made  narrower with traffic calming measures. There is even a bus stop out in the road. Arriving at the hospital I drove as close to the car park ticket machine as I could and going over the first hump leaned out to press the button. Grabbing my ticket, I went over more humps through the barrier, which had by now lifted and through the maze of a car park to park close to the machine where you actually pay.  (more…)

A midweek ramble…



I described this building in yesterday’s blog as a church. It does look like a church! I zoomed in on that coat of arms over the door, it says Tipton free library. Oops, it’s a library. It doesn’t appear to be in use, though. That would be a shame for such an amazing building not to be used. That is typical of Victorian architecture, even though it was built at the beginning of the 20th century. (more…)

Too scared to live | Anxiety

Manor 039


I have already written about anxiety in my blog Too scared to live (too young to die). We all get anxious sometimes, but it can be a real problem if you get anxious all the time and it interferes with your life. I am a little nervous today because I have an appointment at the hospital in the picture. It is fear of the unknown, but I’ll cope! (more…)