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The grey areas of life

1 The Manor

“I have another exciting day ahead. I’m going to a land where the people are of many colours, they worship in exotic temples and they speak many tongues… Yes, I’m going to Walsall!”, that was my Facebook status update for Thursday. (more…)


Resolutions and goals

All Saints 010

We all complain about our lives, but we do little to try to change them. I was reminded the other day that there are billions of people worse off than me. Many people my age can’t even switch a computer on, let alone type a blog and run a website. I have known things to be much worse than they are now. 2008 was a bad year and I resolved to make 2009, a lot better. I wrote a novel!


Another interesting week



If you read my blog last Sunday, you’ll know I had a hospital appointment. It’s only three miles  to the Manor hospital. Over the humps, past a few mini roundabouts, then negotiate a wide main road that they have made  narrower with traffic calming measures. There is even a bus stop out in the road. Arriving at the hospital I drove as close to the car park ticket machine as I could and going over the first hump leaned out to press the button. Grabbing my ticket, I went over more humps through the barrier, which had by now lifted and through the maze of a car park to park close to the machine where you actually pay.  (more…)

Sunday thoughts…

Manor 038


There was a little snow overnight and icy roads. It seemed to be melting, that’s the last thing I wanted because I have an hospital appointment this week. As usual on a Sunday, I’m writing today’s blog while I cook lunch. The high pressure brought snow but also sunshine and so I intend to go out and take a few photographs this afternoon. This is my second blog of the day. The first blog was about the super food that slows aging; silkie chicken! I get a lot of enquiries about silkie chickens! (more…)

An interesting week…


It was an interesting week. I had a Christmas card from a member of Parliament and I was presented with a certificate by a mayor; that’s him in the chain… Those are the winning photographs; I didn’t win but at least I was a finalist. My picture will be displayed and that is good enough. (more…)

My Big Day

Loxdale Sidings

Regular readers will know that I didn’t win the Photographic competition but at least I was a runner up and my photograph will go on display at the hospital. There is a presentation for the winner today who will win an Olympus Pen camera and then there will be the big switch on of the Christmas Lights! It’s exciting for me because I’ll be venturing into foreign territory; over the border into the next town! I’m dressing smart-casual; I tried wearing a suit to go to the hospital once.  I looked like a doctor; a young lady came up and told me she had  a really embarrassing problem.  I said, “I’m no gynaecologist; but I don’t mind tekkin a look!” (more…)

Too scared to live | Anxiety

Manor 039


I have already written about anxiety in my blog Too scared to live (too young to die). We all get anxious sometimes, but it can be a real problem if you get anxious all the time and it interferes with your life. I am a little nervous today because I have an appointment at the hospital in the picture. It is fear of the unknown, but I’ll cope! (more…)

Don’t worry it will be fine…

Manor 039

I was a little nervous about going to the hospital. I thought to myself “Don’t worry it will be fine,” it always is. What can happen at a posh new hospital? I hadn’t had any tests and so couldn’t get any positive results. I ended up at a lake taking photographs while I waited for my appointment and even when I got to the hospital I took a few photos, I was early. It looks good though and only cost nearly four hundred million.

Smile with tongue out


Richmond–well off – but are they happy?


Photograph used under GNU free documentation licence and is by David Iliff (2008) and can be found on Wikipedia here.

I read an article on the Lovemoney website about the people of Richmond in south west London, they have very high savings compared to the rest of the UK; they are obviously better off. The average savings were quoted as being £29,765 (figures from the Halifax). This was followed up by ‘What we shouldn’t learn from the people of Richmond’ in a blog by the CCCS (Consumer Credit Counselling Service) that told us that despite the savings the people of Richmond also had debts averaging over £19,000. (more…)