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In search of – success

Pleck Park Walsall

We all want to be successful, but what is success? Is success having lots of money? Would winning the lottery make you feel successful? They say money doesn’t buy happiness, (but I might risk it). People appear to be happiest when they are doing something that they are good at. Is that success?



This week in review


The weather in the Black Country is forecast to be better this weekend and so I hope to get out there and take a few decent photographs. People who are here don’t like it and people around the world who see the pictures want to come and visit! It could be a lot better if the people and the local councils took more pride in the place.


How to better yourself


People often want to ‘better’ themselves. This can mean moving up a social class, getting a better job or just being able to look in the mirror in the morning and finding that they like the person looking back. Sometimes being ‘better’ is being more confident, better educated or having more money. We all strive to improve life, but we have to consider what is a fundamental improvement, like being better educated and what is just superficial and just makes us look good.