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Writing and photography


A lot of people think writing is easy, until they try it.  You get writer’s block, lack of inspiration and then sometimes you read back what you’ve written and think it’s rubbish! Living life is the main inspiration for writers, doing stuff and then writing about it. I’m lucky I suppose, I’m at an age when lots has happened to me. So I have a little experience.


Cross culture inspiration and innovation


I took this photograph yesterday and today I’m using it in a blog. I’m taking something from one of my interests and using it in another. Inspiration can also be cross-cultural. You go on holiday and see something that you wouldn’t see in your own culture and you take it back to your culture. This happens a lot. The pavement cafes of France inspire the British and we try to do the same here; when the rain stops…


Money | Seeing the future

Money - Seeing the future

Futures and Forwards

Futures and Forwards are contracts that relate to the price of commodities in the future. In the movie ‘Trading Places’ they refer to ‘frozen orange juice’ and make a fortune because they trade on what the future price might be. In that movie they think frozen orange juice will go up in price because of a government report; but the report of a forgery. Being able to predict the future can make you a lot of money but ‘insider’ information relating to futures markets or stock markets is illegal. (more…)