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Thrifty ideas for Thursday

The Aldi super-six this week are fun bananas (7), kiwi (6), large vine tomatoes (450g), closed cup mushrooms (350g), oranges (5) and rhubarb (400g). The are all 69p each. Those offers continue until the 19th of June.



Frugal Friday | Saving for a better future

Money - Seeing the future

I think most people in the UK could manage to save £100 a month but struggle to do so and struggle to make it to the end of the month because they waste money. You can live for today, but if you are thrifty and frugal now and save for the future, you can have extra money to spend for a few decades. (more…)

Frugal Friday | Motoring

Money - Seeing the future

Car repairs

When I had the last MOT (annual safety test) done on my car, the mechanic advised I have the cam belt changed. I had that done this week and it needed a new water pump too. I also had the cigar lighter wired up so it’s on all the time. I intend to plug a solar panel in there to charge the battery in daylight hours. The bill for all that was £240; ouch! It is worth it though to keep it well maintained and the mechanic says it’s in excellent condition. It pays to use a small local garage that you trust and have a relationship with. They collect my car and do the work and return it the same day and so I get excellent service. (more…)