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Hoss Muck #review


This photo of a wood pile  one of the more usual photographs I’ve taken here in the Black Country. I saw in local news that one place I have taken photos is now become a dumping group and someone has dumped what we in the Black Country call a load of ‘hoss muck’. The council says this is a bio-hazard. (more…)


First day of spring #review


Yes, it’s the first day of spring. Yesterday it was the spring equinox, the solar eclipse and there was even a super-moon, I didn’t see the super-moon, it was a bit cloudy. These things are events like Christmas and birthdays. (more…)

A Wednesbury Goose

wednesbury goose

I went to the other side of Wednesbury this week taking photos of the geese. This photo will probably be my best one this year. I would have liked the goose in the middle of the frame, but I had to be quick to catch the shot at all. (more…)

The Review: The end of winter

1 In the park

It’s the Spring Equinox on Thursday; winter is finally ending. Some weather forecasters are saying we will have a heat wave again like last summer. The ones on the BBC have said Spring starts on the 1st of March; so we’ll ignore them… (more…)

The review: Too Black Country?

1 wednesbury

I’ve had an interesting week. I walked around the local market on Tuesday and took a few photographs. It wasn’t a good week on the stock market, the banks let the market down. Of course many other businesses depend upon banking and so confidence in the whole economy falls. Maybe, they should pay bankers a bonus when the bank actually makes a profit, rather than double pay on a loss? (more…)

Art ‘n’ stuff

a bridge

I watched a programme on TV last night about the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. It was all very posh and the artists that were accepted were so privileged and excited. There wasn’t an Ant-and-Dec accent in the house. The Black Country didn’t seem to be represented either…


Weekend roundup

Pleck Park

This week has been interesting, with news that the building industry is supposed to get a boost from government. More interesting was news from the European Central Bank, that helped stock markets around the world to recover a little. The big news though, was the rain has stopped!


What can we waste money on now?


Things are looking up, there is some hope for the future. The weather seems better and the bloody Olympics is nearly finished! I’m sure that the powers that be will come up with something to waste the nations money on now all the usual summer jollies are over. I read somewhere that David Cameron wants to turn Britain into a tax haven. If we didn’t have tax havens there wouldn’t be a world economic crisis mate! Instead of squirrelling money away in secret Swiss bank accounts, try investing it in the country you were bloody born into.


Thrifty Thursday | Rising prices


The reason for todays picture is I’m thinking about transport. When the government in the UK does quantitative easing (printing money) commodity prices like oil go up. Oil is used for transport and gas is used for heating and making electricity; so all our basic costs go up. Prices on the stock markets have been taking a battering in the past few weeks and the Eurozone crisis has deepened; we just have to be thrifty and frugal and try to weather the storm. (more…)

Investments | Death or Glory!

Money - Seeing the future

Premier Foods

Premier Foods went up for a third straight day on Tuesday, climbing 11.5 per cent to 17p after Investec Securities recommended the stock as a “death or glory” gamble. It has since fallen and is back at 16p but I’m happy with it’s progress. I bought at 4p last October and the “death or glory” description sums up my attitude not just to this investment, but to all my investments! Different people have different approaches to risk. Someone with a family to support would be more averse to risk than me. I only have myself to worry about and I take calculated risks. I have to admit, that it’s fun when it all goes right. (more…)

Investments | Zopa, ISA’s and other investments


Average or Typical?

I read that averages earning in the UK is around 25,000 and average savings per household is about 3,000; but these aren’t typical. Tell this to someone on a supermarket checkout earning minimum wage and they feel a bit hard done by! 3,000 pounds in savings is beyond many people and just a dream. I encourage people to be thrifty and frugal so that you can save, but what do you invest it in then? I like Zopa (Zone Of Possible Agreement) because it’s relatively low risk and you can get returns above the rate of inflation. (more…)

Investments | Premier Foods PLC (PFD.L)

Money - Seeing the future

Investing in the stock market now is risky, share prices are bouncing around. The agreement reached on Thursday to stabilise the Eurozone crisis sent shares in Barclay’s up 17.58%; quite a jump. I didn’t benefit from that unfortunately! I was watching Premier Foods and wanted to buy at 4p. (more…)

Money | Investments


In a recent survey the average family was said to have just over £3,000 in savings; not really enough to get into serious investing. You do have to start somewhere though. It is important to understand the nature of money and the way it is devalued by a constantly increasing money supply. The Bank of England keeps issuing the stuff and our money gets devalued by inflation. In real terms if you have £3,000 in savings, you need a return of 5% or £150 just to stand still and not lose money.  This is virtually impossible because you want instant access to your money; in case of emergencies. Most instant access accounts offer pathetic interest and the rate often includes a ‘bonus’ for the first 12 months. You then have the hassle of moving it from one account to another, if not one bank to another. (more…)