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Am I happy? Oh, yeah.


According to the ONS, we are now much happier, cheered up by the Olympics and the Jubilee last year. Married couples are happier than single people, apparently. I can imagine some graduate researcher knocking the door of an unmarried mother in the Black Country and asking if she’s happy, just after she’d applied the Anusol to her latest tattoo.



Finance Friday | Breaking away

I read this morning that Amazon will be opening another London office with space for another 1,600 employees. That gets another cheer from Boris Johnson and boos from the North of England. Why does all new investment go to London? Why not Britain’s second city Birmingham or even Newcastle?


Finance | When to borrow

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I went in Matalan yesterday and looked at the clothes. I was going to buy a straw hat for the summer but they weren’t quite what I wanted. They had the hats and sunglasses on offer, both for £8.00. I can’t wear the sunglasses though because mine are prescription. I didn’t buy anything in the end but we were out of the rain and using their heating and not mine! I do know some people who would have bought a lot of clothes they don’t need and paid with their credit card. This is essentially borrowing money to buy stuff that you don’t need. (more…)