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Neodigital Art | Spring photos

Lake in April

I took this photo on Sunday and we have the colours of winter, the first signs of Spring, great light and sunshine. The trees that don’t yet have leaves silhouette against the sky. The sun was behind me when I took this shot, but still quite high in the sky. (more…)


Neodigital Art | Snow and Ice



I took this photograph on Sunday and the light was reflecting nicely off the snow and ice but the moisture in the air was liquefying and so creating a mist. This photograph looks  misty but I did catch that goose in flight. The snow was beginning to melt by then. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Changing seasons

Morecroft 012

This photo was taken in Morecroft Wood and it’s a pool that the locals call the ‘Sanna’. Many years ago there was a sanatorium nearby that was viewed as quite a scary place because it was an isolation hospital mainly used to isolate people with contagious diseases like smallpox. You had to be quite brave to go swimming or fishing in the ‘Sanna’. I stayed well away until I was a teenager when we did go near there, but even then we were cautious! There was a chemical factory not far away and that was probably more dangerous than smallpox! (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update 26

PIX 2 006

The Moon

You might remember the super full moon in March this year; this is my photograph of it! It goes well against the black background! (more…)

Video Blog 1


Yes, my first video blog! No I’m not standing there boring you. I made this yesterday and uploaded it to Facebook. It’s clips, stills and most importantly it has relaxing music to go with the relaxing pictures. Play this when you need to relax! (more…)

A Saturday Ramble…

Barnes Meadow Bridge

Today’s picture is another one in sepia and it’s a picture of Barnes Meadow Bridge, a Victorian bridge in the heart of England. We explored the heathland around there and found a small pool. It was raining or we would have explored more and maybe found the lake that was around 100 yards away. The bridge goes across the canal and I think it looks good in sepia being Victorian. (more…)