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The review: A nice little war?

As we live in our own little worlds we tend to forget what’s happening in the wider world. For as long as I can  remember, the forces of capitalism and communism have fought it out; usually in someone else’s country. (more…)


How to make your own luck

It’s Friday the 13th and a lot of people believe today is unlucky. They will go through the day nervous and expecting the worse. Even minor irritations like the bus or train being late will be examples of how unlucky today is. They won’t bother buying a Euromillions ticket, because today is unlucky.


The psychology of luck


Imagine going into a casino and playing  a slot machine and winning every time. Then trying other games like roulette and winning again. If you started with just a pound (or a dollar) and doubled your money twenty times, you would be a millionaire. Imagine how you would feel.


This week, it rained–again

Wednesbury 034

Yes, it rained again this week. Will it ever stop? It did go sunny briefly one evening and I took a few photos. I changed this one to monochrome for some reason. The weather is causing a few problems here in England, gardeners and window cleaners don’t like it very much. The weather doesn’t discriminate though, everyone gets wet, rich and poor, tall and short. I do think stupid people do tend to get wetter than smart people though. Well, they like to watch tennis at Wimbledon, smart people watch it on the TV. Really smart people, read a book. Some people are even reading that 50 shades of Grey. Are they smart or stupid? They are probably just bored, have boring lives and want a bit of excitement between the pages… (more…)

The Post Code lottery

Woden Road South in Summer

Unequal Britain

In Britain your post code; where you live, tends to  determine a lot of things. How you are viewed by society  in general and by public servants in particular. It tends to determine whether you get a good education, good health care, a decent job and equal opportunities in life. It also determines the way you speak and the way you behave. It can even determine whether you are polite or not! (more…)

I know…

lotto 10-7-2011


Spooky numbers

The lowest number on the lottery is 1 and the highest is 49 and they both came out last night; spooky! It’s not often that 1 and 2 come out either. It’s been ages since the last time; I remember, because my birthday is the 1st of February. Lots of people have their birthday numbers but the problem with that is, if you win you have to share the jackpot with everyone else who has the same birthday! I read this morning that gambling is a fast way to go broke; but if you don’t buy a ticket; you never win do you? I buy my ticket online and then if I win I automatically get an email saying “We have some news about the ticket that you bought for the Saturday 09 July draw.” That is useful, I read the other day that someone had won and not claimed! They probably lost their ticket! I’ll be alright, they’ll send me an email… (more…)