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Britain needs a little luck

1 Loxdale

Another week ends as a New Year begins. We are still at the beginning of winter in Britain and some parts of the country are on severe weather warnings; there has already been flooding. We need a little luck with the weather now, less rain and we need the rest of the winter to be mild. No snow like last winter please! (more…)


The psychology of luck


Imagine going into a casino and playing  a slot machine and winning every time. Then trying other games like roulette and winning again. If you started with just a pound (or a dollar) and doubled your money twenty times, you would be a millionaire. Imagine how you would feel.


This week, it rained–again

Wednesbury 034

Yes, it rained again this week. Will it ever stop? It did go sunny briefly one evening and I took a few photos. I changed this one to monochrome for some reason. The weather is causing a few problems here in England, gardeners and window cleaners don’t like it very much. The weather doesn’t discriminate though, everyone gets wet, rich and poor, tall and short. I do think stupid people do tend to get wetter than smart people though. Well, they like to watch tennis at Wimbledon, smart people watch it on the TV. Really smart people, read a book. Some people are even reading that 50 shades of Grey. Are they smart or stupid? They are probably just bored, have boring lives and want a bit of excitement between the pages… (more…)

Get lucky!


Through the ages certain symbols and items have been considered lucky or unlucky. The four leaf clover is considered lucky and there is also the lucky penny. Then some things are considered unlucky. Next Friday, is Friday the 13th and considered unlucky because Christ died on a Friday. Pirates of old considered anything to do with funerals that came on board their ship, to be bad luck, that included priests and flowers. Naked women on the ship were considered lucky, that’s why there would be a a figurehead of a naked women on the ship. I always believed that a naked woman knocking on your door carrying a case of beer was quite lucky…  Now onto my invisible picture… (more…)