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A trip to Walsall


I went to the wonderful town of Walsall yesterday.  I used to think Walsall was great. The market used to go up the hill nearly to the church and that street was lined with little interesting shops. Walsall is a shadow of it’s former self.



Victorian legacies


Black Country canals

The canal in the picture was built in the 18th century and was part of a valuable transport system for the goods that were made in the Black Country. It runs into Walsall and to the ‘Waterfront’ near the new art gallery. The canal goes past those factories then crosses the M6 motorway; the modern transport link to the Black Country. Then on to cross the railway that was to come later as a major transport network then an aqueduct takes it over the River Tame. The Tame looks like little more than a brook there but that was an important source of power at one time driving the hammers of a local forge.  (more…)