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Walsall author on the radio

You might remember that I mentioned Martin Webb’s novel last month when he gave away Kindle copies of one of his novels from the Jake West trilogy. You can now hear Martin on the radio talking about writing and publishing his novels. That will be on radio WM tomorrow about 11am. You can listen to that on-line tomorrow. (more…)

Black Country author gives away copies of his novel

Church misty

I am going to bring you free stuff for Christmas and today it’s a free eBook for your Kindle. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get an app for your computer to read it. The book is the Jake West – Warriors of the Heynai by Martin Webb. Martin lives in Walsall and this is the second in his fantasy trilogy. It’s a novel set in an alternative world and aimed at young adults, but anyone who likes fantasy will enjoy it.


How to be extraordinary

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When M. J. Webb, author of Jake West: The Keeper of the Stones went to talk to students about his first novel and one of them asked the question; can someone from an ordinary background become successful? Can the ordinary become extraordinary? The student was answered by  A. J. Hateley who was the book’s illustrator; she told the student that it’s not where you come from that counts; it’s where you are going! (more…)