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Neodigital Art | The Black Country

MERRIONS 2012 007

There was a break in the rain on Sunday and so we set out to take more photographs. It was early and the sun was high in the sky and so it was a good time to photograph woodland. First stop was Moorcroft Wood and this is a picture of Moorcroft pool; otherwise known as the Sanna. I have found some history to this pool and there were two more pools that have dried up. I think if this one filled up it would overflow into the next one. I usually get a tree in the foreground to get depth to the picture, but that has changed now and I had to stand in front of the trees to see anything. (more…)


Neodigital Art | Summer and Autumn

Bilston Canal

This is my summer photograph taken in a poor light but it was daytime. The trees have leaves and are green and even the colour of the water is different from the Autumn photograph below. This photo was taken on the 24th September and so Autumn had just begun; to be more accurate! (more…)