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Thrifty | Minimalism


It’s not easy living with the minimal number of possessions. But think how much easier and cheaper it would be to keep your house clean without all the decorative stuff like pot plants, ornaments and family photographs around your home. All those little bit and pieces cost money over the years too. Maybe you could have one digital photo frame instead of all those family photos? In fact many televisions can be set up to display all your photos these days. (more…)


Frugal Friday | Luxuries

Money - Seeing the future

Essentials and luxuries

I regard my electricity and gas as essential but I can still save money and be frugal. I try not to boil more water than I need, the kettle takes 3 units of electricity an hour. The same applies to running hot water from a tap, I have a plastic bowl in the kitchen sink, it saves on hot water and is less noisy when you’re washing up!  I have seen energy monitors for electricity and they are a waste of money. It costs me about £1.00 to leave a television on standby all the time for 1 year. They take about 1W on standby. (more…)