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How to manage a million pounds

Tonight, as part of the Euro-millions lottery there will be a draw for the UK Millionaire Raffle. In theory, 100 millionaires could be created assuming all the winners claim their prizes. A million pounds, it sounds such a lot of money…



Who has all the money?

I have money in my wallet and money in the bank. We all think that we know what money is and how to use it to buy goods and services, but do we really understand the world financial system. It does seem to have become very complicated. Governments around the world are complaining that they are not only broke, but trillions in debt. What’s going on? (more…)

UK lottery result for 30th January 2013

Lottery result

The lottery was a rollover to Saturday, last night. Have you won anything?

A financial storm brewing?

I keep getting emails telling me that there is a financial storm brewing. I don’t watch the video, they tend to ramble on and you’re none the wiser afterwards. They are after my money, I can be sure of that. So will the recession in the UK get worse? Or better?


Finance Friday | Being British

Forge Mill Lake

If the price of food keeps going up, I can see the geese in the picture ending up in people’s pots or even ending up as goose curry. There appears to less of them than there were last summer anyway. I’m told their numbers go down around Christmas too. I keep seeing union flags and English flags everywhere. The former for the Jubilee and the latter because of the soccer. The Bank of England seems on the verge of printing more money with it’s quantitative easing program. A number of executives are about to get even bigger bonuses. Some celebrities have revealed their tax avoidance schemes. Austerity still rules for the ordinary people. Even the doctors have been on strike; so I hear. The ruling classes have donned their top hats and funny hats in order to enjoy the champagne and horse racing at Royal Ascot. I’m proud to be bleeding British… (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Summer savings

Money - Seeing the future

This week my phone bill with TalkTalk was reduced to just under 18 pounds. They offered me the reduction if I agreed to renew my contract for another 18 months. It’s usually just over 25 pounds for broadband (40 Gb), line rental, calls 24/7 and international calls to countries around Europe, the USA and Australia. They advertise 60 pounds a year off, if I pay my line rental a year in advance too and so I’ll check that offer out on the website. Another saving of five pounds a month has got to be worth looking at. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Changing times




I went to Aldi again this week in search of  few bargains! They sell Bank’s beer in my local Aldi which is a popular beer around this neck of the woods. I see the guys buy a few bottles which is very different from years ago when they would go to the pub for a few pints. Pubs keep closing down or going up market and serving meals. Some are showing sport as people go to sporting events less and prefer to watch them on TV. Men certainly seem to spend more time at home rather than in the pub. (more…)

Print your own money?

Money - Seeing the future


(Reuters) – A small town in central Italy is trying to go independent and mint its own money in protest at government austerity cuts.

Filettino, set in rugged hill country around 100 km (65 miles) east of Rome, is printing it’s own money to get around the austerity cuts. I like this idea! Localised quantitative easing and why not? If central bankers can do it, why not local people. Money is just paper, you can print anything to represent money, notes, vouchers, stamps; you don’t even have to print it with computers and smart phones, it can be just numbers on a computer screen; bits transferring from computer to computer. It just has to be credible. It has to mean something. The town council could issue notes or whatever with the town hall as security; that would be more solid and have more backing than the bank notes we use every day! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 8

Bubble and squeak, eggs and g.beans

Money, emotions and belief

If you haven’t tried bubble and squeak it’s not hard to make. You just mash together some left over boiled potato with boiled white cabbage and mould into a shape and then fry it until golden brown. I put eggs on top of mine and served it up with green beans! Delicious! So what did it cost? The eggs are from caged hens and cost £1.25 for 15; so they are about 17p for 2 and the beans and bubble and squeak cost about 18p. I made a meal for 35p! It was nice too! (more…)

I agree with Warren Buffett…


Stop coddling the super-rich: Buffett

I agree with Warren Buffett and I agree with David Cameron; but that’s another story! Warren Buffet actually wants to see tax increases for the super-rich in the United States; he is rich and a patriot, putting his country first. I think the UK can learn something from this. How about tax increases for everyone earning over £100,000 a year; at least temporarily until the deficit is paid off. (more…)

Frugal Friday | Motoring

Money - Seeing the future

Car repairs

When I had the last MOT (annual safety test) done on my car, the mechanic advised I have the cam belt changed. I had that done this week and it needed a new water pump too. I also had the cigar lighter wired up so it’s on all the time. I intend to plug a solar panel in there to charge the battery in daylight hours. The bill for all that was £240; ouch! It is worth it though to keep it well maintained and the mechanic says it’s in excellent condition. It pays to use a small local garage that you trust and have a relationship with. They collect my car and do the work and return it the same day and so I get excellent service. (more…)

Money | Photography

VIDEO 1 003

The Lake

Most people can find something to photograph close by these days and it’s inexpensive with a digital camera. Then you can share your photographs using Windows Live, Photobucket or Facebook. We started at this lake and it’s relaxing walking around and sometimes we talk to people. It’s less than two miles away and I am quite often happy to just go there but we took some pictures and I shot some video clips and we moved on. Yes, I’m making a video! (more…)

Money | DIY

torch 012

Multi-test meter, batteries and LED torch

I bought the multi test meter a few years ago it was £2.99 at Maplin which shows you should grab a bargain when you see one; they are £9.99 today for the domestic multi-test meter. I had the 4 AA batteries from Lidl a couple of weeks ago for £2.79 and they fit my camera. I charged the AAA batteries today for the cordless phone, they were the same price. The torch is an LED torch with 2 bright LED’s and a handle that you press to make it light up. I assume the battery charges when you press the handle . I bought that a couple of months ago and the quality isn’t great but it works! I did drop it on the floor when I was arranging that photograph and it was fiddly to re-assemble the on-off switch; but it’s OK now! Guess how much it cost! I had it from Poundland!

Smile with tongue out


Money | Things it won’t buy…

Lake 017

Good looks

You can buy good looks to a certain extent. Money will buy cosmetic surgery, make up and clothes. You look good when you are happy though, the inner beauty seems to show and when we are depressed the inner ugliness seems to show too. Cosmetic surgery never seems to quite work, does it? (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 3

Art gallery and museum

The picture I have used is of my local Art gallery and museum. It’s free to go in and besides art there is lots of exhibits relating to local history. The same department on the council runs other museums and historic houses. You can’t get more thrifty than free for a day out! (more…)

Money | Investments


In a recent survey the average family was said to have just over £3,000 in savings; not really enough to get into serious investing. You do have to start somewhere though. It is important to understand the nature of money and the way it is devalued by a constantly increasing money supply. The Bank of England keeps issuing the stuff and our money gets devalued by inflation. In real terms if you have £3,000 in savings, you need a return of 5% or £150 just to stand still and not lose money.  This is virtually impossible because you want instant access to your money; in case of emergencies. Most instant access accounts offer pathetic interest and the rate often includes a ‘bonus’ for the first 12 months. You then have the hassle of moving it from one account to another, if not one bank to another. (more…)

Money | Politics is always involved

Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Sunday afternoon

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. The light was reasonable but I did drive around a little when there was a shower.  It was a frugal day out despite the fact I wasted a little petrol. I take a coat in case it rains, a mobile phone just in case of emergencies and money just in case I want to buy something although I rarely do. My friend was walking around talking to someone on his mobile phone, I can’t see the point. I can’t see the point of travelling miles to take some photographs, when I have a lake like this less than a mile away. I have taken the photograph before, but this one is different. The light is different, there are more leaves on the trees than in winter and there is more water in the lake.  Many people want to come here to take photographs like this and many people here want to go somewhere else to laze on a beach and drink sangria. I can understand people wanting to come here and take photographs; but I never did understand the attraction of lying on a beach. (more…)