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Psychology | Depression

Depression isn’t just unhappiness, it’s much more than that, it’s a feeling of hopelessness. So why do we feel that our situation or our life is hopeless? Researchers are trying to find out how our brains work, mainly using scanners. They now know that our moods and memories are controlled by brain chemistry. This link between mood and memory might help us beat depression.



Psychology | Moods

A Sunny Day

I took this picture on a sunny day and the weather does affect our moods. A walk on a sunny day can lift our moods. Moods can last for hours, days or weeks and can be positive or negative; good moods or bad moods. I was in quite a good mood over the weekend and so did some comedy blogs on this site. If you missed those you might like to check them out; it could lift your mood to have a giggle. We are dependant on other people for our moods, a bad day with our co-workers and we can be in a bad mood until something positive happens. (more…)

Spring Clean 2012

Keyway 069

People seem to have different reasons for Spring cleaning. Some of them are religious, cleaning the house in time for Passover and that sort of thing. It’s said that it’s a good time to Spring clean because it’s still quite chilly and so you can open the windows with out letting a zillion flies in. Personally, now the sun is shining, I can see the dust and dirt that as built up through the dark winter days. (more…)