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Moorcroft Wood landscapes.

I took this photo in 2012 with my Fujifilm S5600, which shows you don’t need an expensive camera to get a good shot. It was on a narrow aperture through the bars on a bridge over the canal and that’s Moorcroft Wood on the left. (more…)


Photography: Moorcroft Wood

Moorcroft Enviroment centre

I went to Moorcroft Wood on Sunday. I’m finding nature photography and landscapes a little boring, but buildings are still quite interesting. This is Moorcroft Environment Centre on the edge of the wood. (more…)

Photography: Different directions

1 River Tame

The sun came out a little last week and I took advantage of that to take this photo of the river. I’m shooting in a westerly direction, the sun is southerly and to my left. You can see it shining through the trees and giving an interesting effect. (more…)

Wednesbury Nostalgia

1 birthday card

I think before we can decide where we’re going, we have to consider where we’ve been. Nostalgia is popular, people like to look back and they like to keep mementoes as reminders of happier days. Wednesbury has a history page on Facebook where we can share  such memories. It has over 3000 ‘likes’ and goes from strength to strength. Having something in common, makes us stronger. (more…)

The weekend review

Bridge to Moorcroft

Today’s picture is of the canal bridge over to Moorcroft Wood. I am still looking for a suitable photo for the Waterways calendar competition. I might go back there tomorrow and take another shot of that bridge at a higher resolution. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Black Country pictures

This is the pool in Moorcroft Wood, last summer. The next picture is of it recently in the depths of winter; after the snow.


From psychology to nostalgia


Today’s picture is of Moorcroft Wood. It’s an interesting place to walk around. In the middle of the wood is a pool where people go fishing. The canal borders the woodland on two sides as well. The pool  filled up with water when the snow melted and so you can take quite interesting photographs. 


Neodigital Art | Autumn leaves

Woden Road Pool

Moorcroft Wood – spooky

I took this photograph on Sunday afternoon. I went to Moorcroft Wood first and the sun was high in the sky and starting to set when I got to this lake. The light hit the tree tops and lit them up making them look like they were on fire.


Neodigital art | Editing to create art


I think this photograph is quite artistic, it was a good shot and then I edited it to try to get something artistic. This is the original picture:


Neodigital Art | Exhibitions


I’ve been thinking about which pictures I would use if I was offered an exhibition in an art gallery. What do you think of this one? Would you want to see it in your local gallery? (more…)

Neodigital Art | The Black Country

MERRIONS 2012 007

There was a break in the rain on Sunday and so we set out to take more photographs. It was early and the sun was high in the sky and so it was a good time to photograph woodland. First stop was Moorcroft Wood and this is a picture of Moorcroft pool; otherwise known as the Sanna. I have found some history to this pool and there were two more pools that have dried up. I think if this one filled up it would overflow into the next one. I usually get a tree in the foreground to get depth to the picture, but that has changed now and I had to stand in front of the trees to see anything. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Changing scenes

Moorcroft Wood - The Sanna

Neodigital Art is about taking good photos and editing them to produce art. I can’t do that with every shot, but I have managed some interesting and artistic shots in Moorcroft Wood. This is the Sanna, a pool in Moorcroft Wood. It is the result of open cast coal mining. This was taken last summer. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Making the most of June


I took this shot yesterday and the sun was quite low in the sky but we have to get out there when the rain stops! It’s pouring down as I write this so it was a good choice. The light was difficult because the sun was low in the sky. You can see the dark shadows despite the sun being bright and the sky fairly clear. It would be better to go out just after midday, but the shadows do tend to make the pictures more interesting. I did have to walk down the canal for a while to get the shot I wanted. (more…)

Neodigital Art | extra

Bannister road 016

Neodigital Art is about producing pictures using digital devices like cameras and scanners. I was out with my camera on Friday and again yesterday.  The light was good for this shot on Friday, but wasn’t so good later in the afternoon. (more…)

The mystery of elephant rock…

The way to elephant rock?

I put a photo of Moorcroft Wood on Facebook and someone asked where it was. They also mentioned ‘Elephant Rock’. My memory isn’t what it used to be, I was going to mention it to the doctor; but I keep forgetting. I have no central heating this weekend. I was lying in bed last night, cold and bored sheetless, when I remembered that the chemical lane ran past elephant rock and then under the railway bridge. The chemical lane is long gone, but the railway is still there,  the Midland Metro runs on that now. There is a bridge over the canal, but I think I saw one that I could walk under, so that could be where elephant rock used to be. It was a huge rock bigger than an elephant, some thought it was a meteorite; but who knows. Could it still be there? (more…)

How to write a novel

Moorcroft Wood

Many people think they can write a novel and intend to ‘do it one day’. Then they never get around to it. Making a start is often difficult and then you find all sorts of problems. First you have to decide who the novel is about; your protagonist. The protagonist in a play is the first character to appear on stage; the main character. So you decide on your main character and have some idea what he or she is like and then you need to set the stage for the story. Where is your main character? (more…)

Frugal Friday | Nostalgia

Morecroft 045

You might have to double click this picture to see the two guys fishing. This is the ‘Sanna’ in Moorcroft Wood; so called because there used to be a sanatorium nearby; it was used as an isolation hospital mainly for smallpox. That horrible disease seems to be gone for ever, but the ‘Sanna’ remains. Behind those trees is the canal but over the years the arms off the canal have been filled in and many pools too. This photograph was taken last April, which explains the winter colours. (more…)