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Photography | White balance

Moorcroft Wood

If you’re not sure what settings to use on your camera, one of the automatic ones is best. I’m getting used to the Nikon 3200 now and so hope for better results with aperture priority. With a shot like this though, I had to decide on white balance. There is one for bright sunlight and one for shade. I decided on the sunlight one because the sun was quite bright shining through the trees.



Neodigital Art | Poor light


I took some photographs on Sunday after the rain but the light wasn’t very good. I can however go back and take the shots again. This was waste ground at the back of some houses that has been turned into a park. It doesn’t take much, grass, trees and flowers, then they have a valuable community resource where people can walk and watch the seasons change. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Changing scenes

Moorcroft Wood - The Sanna

I took this picture of the ‘Sanna’ in August and I went back again on Sunday to see what it looked like in winter. Quite a change: (more…)