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Neodigital Art | Editing tutorial


Neodigital Art is about using your computer to make something artistic; in my case from a photograph and so this means editing. I prefer Windows Live Photo gallery rather than the more complex Photoshop. I opened this photo in Windows Live Photo Gallery. I took this photo of the lake frozen over in December. The light was quite good and in the afternoon I had the light behind me. I was shooting down the lake rather than a cross it to get depth. The trees also add some depth to the picture. At the top of the page you can see an option to click to edit, organise or share; obviously I clicked edit. I chose this picture again. (more…)


Neodigital Art | Update 23

Picnic place

2011 09 08_0002

This isn’t  a great photo but it was intended as a picnic area and so looked interesting. Some idiot had lit a portable barbecue on top of the table provided and burnt it! There wasn’t that much of interest there. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update 20

Where the fairies live

Walsall 020

If you read last week’s Neodigital Art blog, you will remember these pictures that I took in woodland near Walsall (England) last week. They are really magical because of the green algae on the water. Incidentally, if you use Windows Live writer and Live photo gallery, you can alter the picture to make the trees ‘warmer’ with photo gallery. Then I import the photo into Live writer and I click on the corner of the picture to make it bigger and line up with the text that I have applied full justification to. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update Fourteen

Montgomery Tuesday 5 July 2011 (15)

This first picture is a little grey and boring. This was taken by Simon James at Montgomery in Wales. By contrast the next picture is a little more interesting because I went quite radical when I altered it. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update Twelve

SUNDAY 1 027

I have so many good photographs of the lake from last Sunday, it was difficult to choose one. The light was perfect and I got the reflections of the clouds on the water and the waves give an effect that looks like the brush strokes of an artist. I often get a ‘washed out’ look to photographs and this certainly isn’t like that. The difference is the light, the weather was hot and the skies blue and reasonably clear. The other difference was I was alone this time and started earlier.  The sun was still high in the sky, the pictures I took later at Moorcroft wood were darker and the sun was not only lower but also obscured in many photographs by the wood. My only reservation about this one is it’s a little too good, like a picture of someone that has been altered with Photoshop to perfection. It’s the imperfections that make a photograph interesting!



Neodigital Art | Update Eleven

THE LAKES - 19 JUNE 2011 042

I take most of the photographs that I use on my blogs and I used a photo very similar to this one on Monday. I call it Neodigital Art and  my artist friends recognise it as art. This photograph has been altered as usual and it is taking the photograph and manipulating it; that is the art. (more…)

Neodigital Art–Update Nine



The photograph above is ‘before’ I altered it and the ‘after’ photo is below. I’ve used a picture of this bridge before and this isn’t a great photograph. You can see the river in the original picture and the small bridge it goes under and the bigger bridge that carries the aqueduct and canal over the top. The photo looks a little washed out with the bright sunshine and so I increased the contrast. (more…)

Neodigital Art Update Seven

Neodigital Bridge

The first picture is a simple bridge. I crossed this bridge and was a little confused about what it was for. I worked it out eventually; the river runs at the side of the bridge and when it floods the flood water goes under the bridge. The white flowers in the background line the river bank and this was an important river a few hundred years ago supplying power for water wheels. It’s interesting to look at the geography and history of the places we go. This bridge looks modern but there are eighteen century bridges nearby carrying the canal. The canal too was an important piece of engineering at the end of the eighteenth century taking around fifty years to complete. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Update Five

This was taken at Aberdaron in Wales.

I’ve started today’s blog with a photograph taken by Simon James at Lake Vyrnwy, Monmouthshire,Wales.  I’ve been there and I don’t remember that little castle. It looks cool though; I’ll have one of those built in my garden when I win the lottery.

I edited that picture; I cropped it to clearly show the castle and tried to bring out the texture of the stonework. (more…)

Neodigital Art Update

Neodigital Art - A simple bridge can make an interesting picture

My first picture today was taken locally. You don’t normally have to travel far unless you live in the middle of a desert. This was just a bridge over a railway and I added some contrast and cropped the original picture. I think the blue railing make the picture look more interesting. (more…)