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Psychology | Coping with anxiety

a choice of paths

Over the past hundred years anxiety has become an epidemic and trying to avoid it changes people’s lives. We have all become more selfish and less sociable. We like to think we are more sociable with global communication systems allowing us to have friends far and wide. We never actually get to meet most of them though. They are not there in our everyday lives giving us support and getting truly involved. Facebook friends are a poor substitute for a friend who will come around and cook for us when we are sick and who will visit us in hospital. (more…)


No smoke without fire…

Hydes Road Pool

We have all heard the saying, “there is no smoke, without fire, ” and it usually applies to rumours. It isn’t that simple though. If the smoke is coming from your house, you may not believe that your house is on fire but it gets your undivided attention, because that is your worst fear. If the smoke is coming from your enemies house, you believe it because you want to believe it and maybe think they deserves it! Rumours are mainly believed when people want to believe them and it is worth bearing this in mind. If you want to send something viral on the internet like a blog; make it about something that people really want to believe. (more…)