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Thrifty thinking 2013

I think we will all have to think thrifty in 2013 with most governments cutting budgets and people generally worse off. At Aldi this week the super-six are spring onions (125g), salad potatoes (750g), celery (350g), cucumber, cherry tomatoes (250g) and little gem lettuce (2). They are all 49p each. I think I’ll have the celery.



Thrifty student shopping for one


There is a lot of advice around now for students, from people who have been there, done that and are still trying to pay their student loan. My memories of being a student are a little vague now, but I did go shopping with two students this week. One problem with the big supermarkets is they have offers that are suitable for families with a commercial size freezer. 2 packs of chicken for £6 is good, unless you are short of money or freezer space, then Tesco expect you to buy one for £4.00. That is £10.62 a kilogram compared to £7.96 with the offer.


2012 | Day One

New Year 2012

It’s day one of a new year and it hasn’t started well. My neighbour had norovirus through Christmas and I might have caught it. It causes diarrhoea and vomiting usually. It can make you dehydrated so I’m drinking water and although I feel unwell I think it’s under control. At least I’m not vomiting… (more…)