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My Exhibition

I wanted to have my exhibition here - it was handy for the supermarket

Victorian Art Gallery

If you have been following my Neodigital Art blogs, you will know that it is an art form based on photography and the finished images can be printed out for an exhibition or they can be uploaded to a server to be viewed online. When I thought about an exhibition, I thought about my local art gallery. It’s a traditional Victorian building and has the grandeur that the Victorians were so fond of creating. (more…)


To sleep, perchance to dream….

Wednesday, 03 November 2010.


I’m still winning at Farmville, my friend’s internet went down and she had all her crops wither, she was helping with a co-op. No worries, I shall finish that later.  Most of the grapes needed to finish it are on over 90% so I will finish soon.

There used to be a car park at the back of the local park and the dreamless ones closed it. I have to park in a side street now at the front.

It was a sunny day and I parked my car and opening the back door I took my camera out of the case and put the strap around my neck. I thought I could take a picture of the gatehouse, trees and maybe the squirrels. The sun was shining and the trees cast shadows as I walked into the park and I could see the Victorian bandstand; but I already had photographs of that. The path is lined with park benches, which is handy, I like to sit down and steady the camera. I get tired walking around these parks too. I approached the bandstand and then I saw her, she was a vision of beauty and sitting on a park bench. She had long flowing hair and was perfectly groomed. Her tight white shirt looked like it was freshly ironed. She looked so cool dressed all in white, like a virtual angel. Her skirt was rather short, revealing long slender legs that seemed to go all the way up to her armpits. She looked at me and smiled. I thought, I wonder if she would pose for a photograph. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and it seemed mutual as she just stared at me with those hypnotic blue eyes. She crossed her legs and that short skirt rided up another inch revealing even more of those perfect legs. Her hand went to the button on her shirt and she started to unbutton her shirt! I watched intently as she revealed her ample and firm breasts; they appeared to be trying to escape her almost see through white lacy bra. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She kept on slowly undoing the buttons until they were all undone and stood up facing me. The white shirt fell to the ground! I seemed to be the only one looking at her, everyone else seemed really uninterested. Then her hands slid lower and she started to undo the fastener on that very short skirt, it dropped to the ground revealing her lacy, almost see through panties. My pulse rate quickened as I witnessed this and she continued to smile at me. She turned away from me and seemed to be looking at something on the other side of the park. Her hands went behind her back and she undid the straps on her bra they seemed to snap open revealing the perfect unblemished skin on her back. The bra dropped to the ground! I glanced around and still no one was paying attention except me! My heart pounded as I saw her hands go down to those almost see through panties and her thumbs went in each side of them. What was she going to do? She started to turn back to face me… Then there was a loud crash and I felt this stabbing pain in the back of my head. I opened my eyes it was all black…

Don’t you hate that! 🙂  You’re having a great dream and you suddenly wake up! It could be worse; I could be a dreamless one… 🙂

I think I shall do some Internet shopping later. I want a yellow thing, with a built in battery, air compressor and light just in case my car gets a flat battery; or a flat tyre for that matter. I am going to consider a solar panel too, to charge the battery. That could be awkward to fit, the cigar lighter is only connected when the ignition is on and I want to plug it in there. It would stop the battery going flat. I’ll ask them to alter the wiring on the cigar lighter when it goes in the garage; they have to fix the reversing lights anyway. I am considering a graphics tablet; I have no idea what programs they work with; but I could draw on my computer screen and sign documents! It would be cool if it works. I could do virtual book signings online when my novel is published! I don’t think anyone has done that before, I am such an innovator. I did some Tweeting on Twitter yesterday and Tweeted the URL of my blog. I don’t know if I’ll post this to my blog or just guest blog it?

I am thinking of serialising my novel, probably ‘Abduction’ I need to finish it and come up with a new name! I could call it the ‘Stockholm Abduction’ or something. Becky is being held and is shackled to a wall much of the time by a ‘pervert’. She is subjected to psychological abuse and has become more and more desperate and psychologically unstable. He is holding her in Reservoir Street; she doesn’t know that, but his house if right opposite the sex shop.  I could call it the ‘Reservoir Street Abduction’. I’ll think of something…

I’m trying to get my mind off the memory enhanced dreamless ones. They appear to be every where. In politics, in HR departments and there are even doctors that are memory enhanced dreamless ones… I thought this morning, elephants never forget, perhaps the Neanderthals mated with the woolly mammoth? Nah, they weren’t tall enough…

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