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Two can live as cheaply as one

Brunswick Park EDIT

I have started today’s post  with a few images of the local park here in Wednesbury. It’s a bit rough, but we like it…  It’s Victorian and traditional. We need to get back to traditional values don’t we? We need to get back to the Victorian work ethic, family values and knowing one’s place. Right? (more…)


Aldi and Parking Eye

The Aldi super-six this week are salad potatoes (1 Kg), chestnut mushrooms, fun-size pears (8 pack), plums (400g), fun-size apples (7) and pineapple. They are all 69p each. Remember that the apples, pears and plums are in season. If you know someone with trees ask if you can buy some from them. You might have to pick your own though. I can’t pick all the apples on my trees!