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Neodigital Art | Monochrome doesn’t always mean black and white

WODEN new mono

We are used to seeing things in colour and occasionally in black and white. When we see a picture like this, we tend to think colour, but it is in fact monochrome. I converted it to mono using PhotoScape, it’s a freeware program. I also added the lens flare using PhotoScape. The sun was actually behind me!



Neodigital Art | Changing scenes

Moorcroft Wood - The Sanna

Neodigital Art is about taking good photos and editing them to produce art. I can’t do that with every shot, but I have managed some interesting and artistic shots in Moorcroft Wood. This is the Sanna, a pool in Moorcroft Wood. It is the result of open cast coal mining. This was taken last summer. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Making the most of June


I took this shot yesterday and the sun was quite low in the sky but we have to get out there when the rain stops! It’s pouring down as I write this so it was a good choice. The light was difficult because the sun was low in the sky. You can see the dark shadows despite the sun being bright and the sky fairly clear. It would be better to go out just after midday, but the shadows do tend to make the pictures more interesting. I did have to walk down the canal for a while to get the shot I wanted. (more…)

Pinterest | Sharing more than just pictures


The urls of a website is the Uniform Resource Locator; this is usually a web page but can be a file or a picture. I have used the URL of the picture above to share it with other users on Pinterest. I own the copyright, but if I didn’t would it be a breach of copyright? I’m not copying the picture, just using it’s url. The picture has been downloaded to your computer from a WordPress server, via Pinterest are you in breach of copyright for downloading this web page and the picture to your hard drive? (more…)

Every cloud has a silver lining



This is the photograph that I had in a photography competition; it got into the final 12 photographs but didn’t win. I have been invited to the presentation for the winner this week and afterwards will be the big Christmas lights switch on. Every cloud has a silver lining! (more…)

Neodigital Art Update 30


Walsall Arboretum

I have chosen this photograph to begin with because I was shooting into the sun. The sun was shining through the trees and gave a good effect, but I must have moved as I took the shot. The days are shorter now and so even mid-afternoon the sun is quite low in the sky. The light is very different from what it is in the summer and so we get Autumn colours as the leaves change colour but also the light has an effect. (more…)

Sunday ramble | August



One good thing about taking photographs  is if you’re having an off day, you can look at the photographs and remember when you were having a good day! I took this picture down by a lake and I might just go back there today, it’s relaxing walking around taking photographs and looking for good shots. I like to get the flowers or trees or something in the foreground to give the photograph some depth. These flowers are a little too small for that and I am curious to know what they are. (more…)