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An interesting week…


It was an interesting week. I had a Christmas card from a member of Parliament and I was presented with a certificate by a mayor; that’s him in the chain… Those are the winning photographs; I didn’t win but at least I was a finalist. My picture will be displayed and that is good enough. (more…)


A Monday ramble…

Great Bridge 001


I’m tired of rain and dull days, but now winter is fast approaching I have to think of some different camera settings to get decent photographs. This photograph is of the local lake or pool and the colours will begin to change now as leaves fall from the trees and we get more red and yellows in photographs. I’m not looking forward to winter but last years photographs of the snow were quite good. (more…)

One small step for man…

The Path of Life

2011 09 08_0026

When I looked down this path I was already tired, I had walked a long way. I wondered what that was at the end where the path curved upwards, it looked like a bridge. The general idea was to take photographs and so I had my camera, but would I need anything else? (more…)