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Photography: Top pictures of 2014

Spring picture of a lake

I took this picture in April and it must be my best landscape of 2014. The colours are great. I tried to improve it today and it looked better a tiny bit lighter, but it’s hard to make it better. (more…)

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Not long to go now to the big day. I have more photos for you today and all through Christmas. If you get bored, I’ll find you pictures to look at! (more…)

Neodigital Art | More diverse editing


The weather has improved a little now that we are closer to summer. I took this shot on Sunday and it was quite sunny. Notice how I’ve used the trees to add depth. I didn’t edit much, I just added some contrast.


Pinterest | Sharing more than just pictures


The urls of a website is the Uniform Resource Locator; this is usually a web page but can be a file or a picture. I have used the URL of the picture above to share it with other users on Pinterest. I own the copyright, but if I didn’t would it be a breach of copyright? I’m not copying the picture, just using it’s url. The picture has been downloaded to your computer from a WordPress server, via Pinterest are you in breach of copyright for downloading this web page and the picture to your hard drive? (more…)