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Bargains to save even more money

The Aldi super six this week are cherry tomatoes (250g), broccoli, snack pack grapes (150g), carrots (1Kg), savoy cabbage and onions (1Kg). They are all 49p each. That offer starts today and lasts until the 25th of September.


Thrifty Thursday | offers and discounts

The Aldi Super-six this week  are mixed peppers (3), mild onions (4), figs (4), sweet potatoes (750g), Kiwi fruit (6) and fun-sized pears (8). They are all 69p each and the offer runs to the 11th September. It’s always a good idea to click the link to their website and check the offer is still the same. 


Thrifty Thursday | shop smart

vintage Car

If you read my blogs earlier in the week, you’ll know I went to a historic vehicle show on Sunday and took photos. I converted the photo above to monochrome; just to see what it looked like! We don’t usually go anywhere that costs money to get in, but we did get in at a cheaper cost than advertised, because of the weather. It pays to ask… How much?


Thrifty Thursday | Bargains

Money - Seeing the future

My bargain this week comes from this website and can save you up to £25 when you spend £80 at Matalan. I found some stuff I wanted but the jeans were out of stock in my size. Remember too they have really good home ware stuff as well as clothes. I like the Easy brand in the clothes and you can’t have enough tee shirts. The Pierre Cardin boxer shorts are 2 for £10, with the discount off they are a  really good buy. Last time I was in Matalan I bought rice bowls for a pound each. They have bargains on hats and sunglasses too. I want a linen hat from there. (more…)

Thrifty Thursday | Downgrading


If you want to save money on food, you can downgrade and go to a budget supermarket. You can however, continue to use the same one if it’s close to your home, but consider different products. There are premium brands and there are budget brands and you can save as much as 30% by switching from premium to budget. I have tried own brand or budget brands of things like salad cream and ketchup and they’re virtually the same. You don’t switch if the premium brand is on offer of course. I had Heinz salad cream and ketchup from Poundland discounted on the usual price. (more…)