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Finance Friday | The economic fiasco

Rents for social housing have gone up over the years in the UK and have been subsidised first with rent rebates and then that was changed to housing benefit. They went so high that workers couldn’t afford them.



Psychology | Greed

2011 09 08_0007

Birthday Cake

Imagine for a moment that you have been invited to a birthday party and when you turn up someone has already eaten half the birthday cake! The greedy  and overweight perpetrator excuses his behaviour, by saying that he invested in the farm, that grew the wheat, that made the flour, that the baker used to make the cake! He was entitled to a bigger slice! This is the sort of excuse the greedy always come out with. Those who believe in the religion of avarice seem to know no shame! (more…)

Stupid People!

RAIN 001

I took this photo in August, it looks very green compared to now. Beyond those trees is the technology college for kids aged 11 to 16 years old. Along the side of the lake is a road where people often drive quite fast. Then at the end a double roundabout, followed by a really stupid road narrowing. The roads are quite wide but the stupid people make them narrow to slow traffic past the technology college because these kids are too stupid to know how to cross the road. (more…)

Protests | Is capitalism finished?

mm3 009

The Manor House in my picture looks nice lit up at night. It is run as a museum by the local council but they want to restore it at a cost of a million pounds! They will use all locally sourced materials of course and get in experts to make sure it’s done right; but is it right to spend our money on one building? The experts and economists always seem to know best but people around the world on Saturday protested against the corporate greed and their puppet politicians. (more…)

I agree with David Cameron!

Money - Seeing the future

I agree!

I agree with David Cameron! Is that flying pigs I see?

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