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This week near West Brom…

Black Country New Road

The road in the picture is the Black Country New Road. Notice the traffic lights, that’s a pelican crossing and a bit farther on there’s a speed camera. Do we really need to spend money on such things in these austere times? A little farther down that same road on the stretch from Wednesbury to Moxley island, Sandwell council appears to be trying out a new traffic calming idea. There are lights and the kerb juts out at Moxley Island; but before you get there, we have pot holes. Yes, potholes all the way from Wednesbury to Moxley, aided and abetted by manholes that either stick up in the road or are in a hole. This idea isn’t very successful yet, but wait until those holes are a bit deeper; that’ll slow the buggers down… (more…)


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