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How to make your first million 3

Money - Seeing the future

I was about to start writing this and I checked what I wrote last time.  I wrote ‘You never achieve something unless you set out to achieve it, you don’t become a millionaire by accident, even lottery winners have to buy a ticket!’ Then I remembered the £100 million jackpot on the Euromillions and bought a ticket! (more…)

Money | Seeing the future

Money - Seeing the future

Futures and Forwards

Futures and Forwards are contracts that relate to the price of commodities in the future. In the movie ‘Trading Places’ they refer to ‘frozen orange juice’ and make a fortune because they trade on what the future price might be. In that movie they think frozen orange juice will go up in price because of a government report; but the report of a forgery. Being able to predict the future can make you a lot of money but ‘insider’ information relating to futures markets or stock markets is illegal. (more…)