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Thrifty Thursday | Summer savings

Money - Seeing the future

This week my phone bill with TalkTalk was reduced to just under 18 pounds. They offered me the reduction if I agreed to renew my contract for another 18 months. It’s usually just over 25 pounds for broadband (40 Gb), line rental, calls 24/7 and international calls to countries around Europe, the USA and Australia. They advertise 60 pounds a year off, if I pay my line rental a year in advance too and so I’ll check that offer out on the website. Another saving of five pounds a month has got to be worth looking at. (more…)

Education | Time for change?

Sunday around Walsall 084

How many ducks?

How many ducks are there in  the picture? The answer is, if you look carefully is none; maybe. They are in fact swans and geese; but how about the one out to the left? Is that a duck? Life can be confusing and things aren’t always clear. But do we have to make them more confusing and be deliberately unclear? I was helping someone with maths questions yesterday and became increasing frustrated with some questions. It wasn’t that the maths was hard it was that the questions were unclear. I often had the same problem at school and after 3 hours in a stuffy exam room; I would begin to lose the will to live… (more…)