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The Propaganda Society

The Manor House B&W

In the olden days, the Lord of the Manor lived in his Manor House and protected it with walls and a moat. These days the rich and powerful have more sophisticated tools to control the peasants. They have spin and propaganda. They can influence beliefs on a grand scale, using many psychological tools. It is done through many channels, that we call the media. This isn’t new, it’s been done for many years and can have disastrous results. Hitler demonized the Jews with propaganda, here in the UK it can be anyone who claims welfare benefits. Now though, it seems almost no one is safe; even bankers are demonized for giving themselves bonuses! Where will it all end? (more…)


Money | Politics is always involved

Woden Road South, Wednesbury; England

Sunday afternoon

I took this photograph yesterday afternoon. The light was reasonable but I did drive around a little when there was a shower.  It was a frugal day out despite the fact I wasted a little petrol. I take a coat in case it rains, a mobile phone just in case of emergencies and money just in case I want to buy something although I rarely do. My friend was walking around talking to someone on his mobile phone, I can’t see the point. I can’t see the point of travelling miles to take some photographs, when I have a lake like this less than a mile away. I have taken the photograph before, but this one is different. The light is different, there are more leaves on the trees than in winter and there is more water in the lake.  Many people want to come here to take photographs like this and many people here want to go somewhere else to laze on a beach and drink sangria. I can understand people wanting to come here and take photographs; but I never did understand the attraction of lying on a beach. (more…)