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Gourmet Food | Icelandic Prawn Salad


Icelandic prawns

Yes, it’s Icelandic prawn salad to make your mouth water yet again. I featured this in yesterday’s blog and then went out and bought more ingredients and had it for dinner! I had to cheat slightly, those prawns are in fact Norwegian! They were 65p from Lidl, so my whole gourmet meal cost less than a £1.00. (more…)

A Sunday Ramble: Food


In the stone age they ate tubers from the ground, I suppose that’s the same as me eating potatoes; except I don’t have to forage for them.  I do a little foraging in the fruit and veg department of the supermarket but it’s not exactly getting my hands dirty. They say the discovery of fire made all the difference; that first class animal protein made our ancestors brains develop quickly and many of them became smarter; the rest went into politics! (more…)

Thrifty Thursday 18


People do say that I eat too much chicken, but I like chicken! I get asked what else I have eaten and I do have a variety. I ate cornflakes and soya milk for breakfast followed by an egg, pork for lunch with potatoes and vegetables, chicken and chips with veggies for dinner and then made do with a chicken drumstick and prawn cocktail crisps for supper. I also ate a few apples and a banana. I got a lot of vitamins, minerals and tryptophan from the chicken, then lots of fructose to help me absorb the tryptophan! (more…)


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