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To sleep, perchance to dream… II

Sketcher - HARTLEYS 1

Aquarius horoscope, Wednesday, 25/5/2011

Life is not all about work, but we have to do it. Try to find a way to make what you do more fun and interesting. The Sun in your creative zone aspects revolutionary Uranus. All it needs is a change in your thinking to bring you more enthusiasm, more playfulness and greater inquisitiveness. Mix this together and pure magic is possible.

I am a little creative today. That is my horoscope for today and I got a little inquisitive last night and took a few photographs for my Neodigital Art blogs. Andy Warhol did a screen print of a Campbell’s tomato soup can, amongst other things and so I had a go and started with a Hartley’s raspberry jelly. I did some more pictures but this one will do for a start. It’s more fun and interesting and I have some more close up pictures for my next blog about art. (more…)

The wise ones


I have written about the dreamless ones before; they are of course the people who don’t dream and tend to be rather stupid.  God of course loves the dreamless ones; he made so many of them. There are also the hopeless, clueless, hapless, gormless and last but not least the chinless. The latter are mostly found in London and around Westminster. The wise ones are different; there is nothing stupid about the wise ones. They dream…  (more…)